Derrick Lepkowski Obituary, Death – The tragic news that an important member of GOAT Fabrication team, Derrick Lepkowski, passed away the week before last, on November 17, 2022, is something that we are passing on with heavy hearts and we are sharing it with you. This information comes to you with a heavy burden in our hearts. Derrick was a pillar in the offroad community for a significant amount of time. His friends and family fondly referred to him as “D-ROCK,” and he earned this nickname. To put it another way, Derrick enjoyed an extraordinary amount of popularity and was recognized by everyone.

He was known for having the most chill demeanor and being the person who was the easiest to strike up a conversation with at any off-road event, trail ride, or get-together. The intensity with which he devoted himself to the off-roading lifestyle was the only thing that could compare to his natural ability to strike up a conversation with virtually anyone. In addition to that, he was the member of our group who was always the most upbeat and optimistic. Throughout the countless shows and events that we were a part of, Derrick was the one who kept us going and kept our spirits high. There have been a lot of long days spent in the booth or out on the trail, which were sometimes followed by even longer nights out, so by the time morning rolls around, we might be feeling a little bit sluggish and exhausted.

Derrick decided that he would no longer put up with it. He was always there to cheer us up and encourage us to take action when we were feeling discouraged. Typically, with coffee that he had already purchased for everyone, and invariably with his signature greeting of “Good Morning Sunshine!” During this difficult time, we are keeping his wife Emily, his children, and the rest of the Lepkowski family in our thoughts and prayers. You will be remembered by people who worked in this industry, lived in this community, and counted you as a friend because you were one of the lucky ones who got to know you and have the opportunity to call you a friend. Everyone here will miss you very much once you’ve moved on.