Dennis Dota Obituary, Death – After a fatal rollover accident that occurred on Interstate 680, a ramp that was on both sides of the freeway was closed as a precautionary measure. The accident not only resulted in the death of one person, but it also resulted in the need for another person to be taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries that they had sustained as a result of the incident. Both of these outcomes were consequences of the accident.

On the ramp that led to state route 711, there was a collision at approximately 9:30 in the morning; it took place just before that time. In close proximity to the 3A exit is the state route 711, which can be reached in a short distance. Because the access points on both sides of the ramp have been closed off, the ramp is currently inoperable in both of its directions.

The lifeless body of Dennis Dota, who was 42 years old and was originally from Boardman, was discovered inside the vehicle where the incident occurred. It ended up being a trap that had been set for him to be caught in. A second victim, also male and also 42 years old, was ejected from the moving vehicle in which they were traveling when the incident took place. This victim was also injured as a result of the incident. He was taken to the hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment that has the potential to save his life. He was rushed to the hospital. He was taken there by transportation.

When the crews from 21 News that were reporting live from the scene saw it, a vehicle that had overturned was not too far away from a forest that was off the highway. It appeared from the state that the car was in after the accident that the collision had caused a significant amount of damage to the automobile. This conclusion was drawn from the appearance of the car.

Help arrived in the form of law enforcement officers from the Youngstown Police Department, firefighters from the Youngstown Fire Department, and emergency medical technicians from the Youngstown Emergency Medical Services. The investigation into the collision has not yet produced a finding that can be regarded as being definitive.