Demetric Fulton Obituary, Death РMr. Demetric L. Fulton Sr. was born on December 13, 1978 in the town of Cleveland, Mississippi, to parents who were given the names George Noble and Margaret Fulton-Flakes. His paternal grandparents were also named George Noble and Margaret Fulton-Flakes. It was on Friday, October 28, 2022, in the city of Milwaukee, which is located in the state of Wisconsin, that he departed this world and went to the next.

After coming to a faith in Christ that would save him at an early age, he was subsequently baptized at the Midwest Church of Christ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is located in the state of Wisconsin. Goldie Martin-Fulton and Demetric, Sr. have solemnly promised to spend the rest of their life together as husband and wife after participating in a wedding ceremony. This union resulted in the birth of two children, namely Tamia and Demetric Jr., which is where the names Tamia and Demetric Jr. come from.

Due to the fact that his wife Goldie passed away before he did, we consider him to have been “predeceased” by her. Margaret Fulton-Flakes, who hails from Horn Lake, Mississippi, is one of the people he leaves behind to continue on his legacy and keep his memories. She is one of the people he leaves behind to preserve his memories. The name of the father was George (Nora) Noble, and he was originally from Milwaukee, which is located in the state Wisconsin.

Dorey Williams-Noble, who was once known by her nickname “momma,” was born in the city of Madison in the state of Wisconsin. My daughter, Jazniquiana Johnson, resides in Cleveland, Mississippi, and my daughter, Tamia Fulton, resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Their names are Jazniquiana and Tamia. Demetric, L. Fulton Jr., Demarco Martin, and Devon Robinson are all residents of the city of Madison, Wisconsin, and they are the proud parents of three children.

Sharika (Tony) Noble-Davis is the only member of her family and she currently lives in Milwaukee, which is located in the state of Wisconsin. Kedrick Fulton lives in Houston, Texas; Ykevin Rash, George Rave, George Noble II, and Jason Noble all live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and George Noble III lives in Chicago, Illinois.

There are five brothers in total. The most senior of the Noble brothers is George Noble III, who comes in at number three. There was a grand total of three grandchildren in attendance. RaMona Boswell is an incredible buddy while you are on the road. There are a significant number of loved cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews, as well as other close relatives and friends, who will miss him very much.