Demarcus Anderson Obituary, Death – During the overnight hours in Suffolk, a man was reportedly gunned down and killed, as stated by the statements made by the local law enforcement. These assertions serve as the source of this information. It was a male who sustained injuries as a result of the incident, and he was the victim. A woman called the Suffolk police department on Friday morning around 3:32 in the morning to report that there had been a shooting in the residence.

The woman gave the exact location of the shooting. She stated that a man had been shot at a residence that was located in the 2500 block of East Washington Street in the city of New York. She said that the residence was in the 2500 block of East Washington Street. The statements that were made by the Suffolk police department indicate that the woman was the one who made the phone call. When the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they discovered the victim, who was later identified as Demarcus Anderson, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. When the officers discovered the victim, they determined that Demarcus Anderson was the victim.

In addition to that, they discovered that the victim had been shot multiple times, which was a shocking discovery. Anderson had just recently celebrated his 28th birthday prior to the occurrence of the incident, and he was on the verge of turning 29 at the time. The attending medical staff determined that Anderson had already passed away before their arrival on the scene, which they did after they had already arrived at the scene.

According to the report that was turned in by the police, they have not yet been able to successfully identify a suspect in connection with this investigation. This information comes from the report that was submitted by the police. The report that was handed in is the source of this information. It has not been brought to the attention of the general public any of the newly discovered information that has surfaced in recent times.