Delores Caro Obituary, Death – Even though we are overcome with sadness at the prospect of breaking the news, we feel compelled to inform everyone that Mrs. Delores Caro has passed away. We believe it is our duty to do so, even though it is difficult for us to do so. She was a beautiful person who also happened to be a wonderful worker for the organization. Both of those things combined to make her a wonderful asset. Both of those characteristics helped her stand out from the crowd. She was able to distinguish herself from the other people thanks to those two qualities. Her family and friends, in addition to our museum, which she served with such vigor and excitement, are going to miss her terribly.

She committed a lot of her time, energy, and enthusiasm to the museum. Her existence was always filled to the brim with vitality and joy at all times. It was obvious to everyone she interacted with at Collinswood, whether it was a customer or a coworker, that she had devoted her entire being to the work that she did there. This was the case whether it was a customer or a coworker. This was the true regardless of whether she was interacting with clients or with other employees at the company. We are going to miss having her here with us as much as possible because it has been such a joy to have her company.

We are asking everyone to pray for her family and friends, and we are praying to God to give us all the comfort, strength, and serenity that only HE can give us at this time of need. We are asking everyone to pray for her family and friends. We are reaching out to everyone and asking them to pray for her loved ones and friends.