Delano Christie Obituary, Death – In Norwood, St. James, on Wednesday, two men were shot by unknown assailants, and those individuals have now been identified. Both men died as a result of their injuries. The shooting took place one day after the parish was declared to be in a state of emergency and one day before the incident that involved the shooting. Both Delano Christie, a shopkeeper in Norwood, St. James, and Jordain Brown, an unemployed man in Norwood, St. James, were discovered to have passed away at the ages of 31 and 26, respectively.

It was determined that both of the men were the deceased. According to the reports of the police, there were a total of five injured people, one of whom was a young child. Reports indicate that a group of people were at a shop in the community playing a game of dominoes when two gunmen entered the area and opened fire on members of the group who were playing dominoes at the time. Several people were killed in the incident.

After that, the perpetrators of the crime managed to get away from the area. A search was carried out after the police were called, and during that search, six people who had been shot and were injured were found. Christie and Brown, two of the victims, were rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, they did not survive their injuries despite the paramedics’ best efforts.

The other injured people, including an infant, have been transported to a hospital so that they can receive medical care. Clarendon and St. Catherine parishes, in addition to portions of Kingston and St. Andrew, were included in the area that Prime Minister Andrew Holness designated as being in a State of Public Emergency on Tuesday. In addition to that, the parishes of St. James, Westmoreland, and Hanover each received their very own S.O.E.