Decarlo Douglas Obituary, Death – It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim was Decarlo S. Douglas thanks to the efforts of the coroner, Duane Northrup. The investigation that he carried out made it so that this was a viable option. His life began in the city of Louisville, which is found in the state of Kentucky, when he was 34 years old. Louisville is located in the state of Kentucky.

Northrup is the one who bears the responsibility for arriving at the right conclusion regarding the identification. At the location of a shooting that had been reported on Sunday at 1104 Falcon Drive, law enforcement officers found Douglas unresponsive when they arrived at the scene of the shooting. The location of the shooting had been reported on Sunday. The shooting took place earlier in the day that was in question.

He was given the official verdict of “dead at the scene of the incident” after some time had passed since the initial declaration of death at the scene of the incident; however, it was initially stated that he had been pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. In addition, a young man who was 15 years old at the time of the incident was shot, but the medical staff is optimistic that despite the fact that he was shot, he will make a full recovery from his injuries.

According to Northrup, an autopsy will be carried out on the recently deceased individual that will take place on Tuesday at the Champaign County Regional Morgue Facility. The individual will be the subject of the autopsy procedure. Champaign County is where you’ll find the location of the facility you’re looking for. Both Northrup’s office and the Rantoul Police Department are currently conducting investigations into the incident that involved the shooting and the victim’s subsequent death as a result of the shooting. The investigations are being carried out into the incident that involved the shooting and the subsequent death of the victim as a result of the shooting.