David Smalley Obituary, Death –  My dear friend David Smalley fought valiantly against his illness until this evening, when he passed away. He had been struggling against it for a considerable amount of time. At this very moment, a profound sense of loss has completely overcome me. 42 years have passed since the first time we met, and Dave’s name still rings a bell. When we were both in school, our respective majors were radio and television; however, he majored in television and I majored in radio. During our time in school, we worked in the radio and television industries.

Since the advent of Facebook, we have maintained a level of communication that is, on the whole, fairly consistent. This has allowed us to keep in touch with one another. To bring you up to speed, Dave has recently been experiencing a number of difficulties in regards to his health. Working in television production, as well as for the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles, had been a lifelong ambition for Dave, and he was able to realize that ambition. Dave felt as though his wishes had finally been granted. There is no question in my mind that “this guy” will be seared into my memory for the rest of my life!!! My elementary school served as more of a community than anything else when I was a kid growing up there. To this day, there has been no alteration to the status quo of the situation. My mood has been brightened by the realization that Dave was an only child all his life, and the fact that he is now safely reunited with his doting parents has made me smile even wider.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of his wonderful friends who came together to be by his side during the last few days of his life. He was surrounded by them the entire time, and it meant the world to him. Dave Smalley had just recently turned 63 years old when the events in question took place. I am at a loss for words to adequately express how much it has helped me to know that he has found peace and is getting back to being healthy. I pray that you will finally find the peace you seek and that, until the day that we are reunited, you will keep your courage. #cancersucks