David Priest Obituary, Death – I can’t find the right words. Can’t! David’s tale: Unanswerable. Were you busy? YOU ALWAYS CALL! You guessed wrong. You touched me, my family, and everyone you met. Our boys brought us together. We’ve always supported each other. Co-conspirators. We’ve gotten through life together. You and I were inseparable. Four years with you feels like forever. You and I became family. You were there when my mother died and through every other loss this year.
You welcomed everyone, even the wild animals I brought. Haha, You became their BFF. You helped everyone.

Always seeking adventure! You’re probably not strangers. From the first hello, everyone was your friend, and you helped. You talked to everyone daily. You spoke well. You watched everyone. Your life changed by the hour, so we had to talk to you every day. Hahaha. When we were lost, we couldn’t miss a day. Haha. You were inseparable from the kids. You were everyone’s ally. You handled them well. You clearly loved your kids. Mason and Ros weren’t alone. You adopted everyone’s kids! Children dominated everything. My heart breaks for your children and all the kids who loved you. We co-parented for four years. You’ve helped with sports, games, practices, sick kids, car rides, birthdays, cookouts, and swim parties. Our group lived together during covid. Everybody helps out. You were always accessible.

“Sure,” “I’ve got it,” “Don’t worry,” “F@ck Yeah” Who’ll hide my empty cans and caps? You’ll be missed. Mr. David Priest, it’s been an honor to call you a friend. People will always remember you. You touched many lives. I hope to spread half of your positive energy. Your parents raised a kind child. Diana Priest, thanks! Whether you made a bad decision or not, Jesus saved you a seat. Alex suggested saving me a seat by the fire. Camping, swim parties, deck drinks, card night, Cedar Point, baseball, football, and bonfires are over. RIP, beer buddy. 12/12/22