David Lowman Obituary, Death – David Lowman, former head judge for Miss Gay America has died.  During the Cowboys LaCage event that took place in downtown Nashville in the early 1990s, I was a witness to the female impersonator Coti Collins / David Lowman copying me as a different person. The event was hosted by David Lowman. The Nashville Cowboys were the ones who played host to the tournament. In every way imaginable, he stood out as an outstanding example. When we were getting ready for our tour in 1996, one of the ideas that we came up with was to bring David on the road with us so that he could assist us with the “Fancy” trick that was a part of the performance.

This was one of the things that we thought would be beneficial to the audience. When we were considering ways in which we might be able to enhance the quality of our work, this was one of the ideas that we came up with. He would lip sync to the live performance I was providing on the other side of the stage while he entered the stage from the other side. Following that, fireworks would be set off along the entire length of the stage, and then I would make my entrance on the opposite side of the stage while riding a lever that would carry me over the spectators. If you were to see me, I would be wearing a crimson dress.

Since that time, we had remained in contact, therefore it was with a great lot of sadness that I learned of his demise this past week. Since that time, we had remained in contact. Since then, we have remained in communication with one another. We were just given the opportunity to stop by for a short bit, and I cannot begin to describe how appreciative I am that we decided to take advantage of that possibility. I hope that after you pass away, David, you will finally be able to achieve the peace that you desire.