David Hall Obituary, Death – David Ray Hall, Sr., age 63, of Raceland, Kentucky, and the husband of Ava Marie Browning Hall passed away in a serene and quiet manner at his home on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. He was the husband of Ava Marie Browning Hall. He was Ava Marie Browning Hall’s husband during their marriage.

During the time that Ava Marie Browning Hall was married to him, he served as her husband. His birth took place on November 5th, 1959, and his parents were Raymond Hall, who had already passed away, and Barbara Pack Hall, who had also previously passed away. Before he was even born, both of his parents had already passed away. Both of his parents had already passed away when he was still an unborn child.

Both David’s sister Donna Hackworth and his stepson Stevie Dyer passed away before David did, so he was the last member of his family to leave this world. David was the first born of the three children, making him the oldest of the three. It was around the same time that the deaths of other people who had come before David that David’s parents also took their own lives.

David Hall II and the woman to whom he is engaged to be married, Stacie Runyon, both of Ashland, Kentucky; seven grandchildren whose names are Joe Kelley, Dylan Hall, Matthew Newman, David Hall III, Harleigh Hall, Stephen Hall, and Stevie Ann Dyer; a great-grandson whose name is Max Hall; and another great-grandson on the way! The memorial service that will be held for David on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at one o’clock in the afternoon will take place at the funeral home Miller. The date and time of the service have not yet been determined. The funeral service will be presided over by Pastor Rick Mays as the officiant. As a way to honor David and pay our respects to him, a memorial service will be held.