David Conde Obituary, Death -Nine months after a young child and his father were found dead in a New York apartment, investigators said the child died of starvation after his father died of natural causes. The investigation into the deaths began nine months after the bodies of the child and his father were discovered. Nine months passed before the investigation into the deaths of the child and his father got underway after the bodies of the child and his father were found.

According to a report that was published on Syracuse.com on February 15, the bodies of David Conde Sr., who was 59 years old, and his son David Conde Jr., who was 2 years old, were found in their home in Geneva. According to statements made by investigators at the time, none of the victims in the case displayed any obvious signs of trauma or had a clear cause of death.

According to the reporting of WHAM, the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office stated that its investigation determined that cardiovascular disease was the cause of death for Conde Sr., while starvation was the cause of death for his son. In an interview with the Finger Lakes Times, Lieutenant Dave Cirencione of the Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying, “This has been a tough one for all of us who worked it from day one.”

“We were saddened to learn that this was the most likely cause of death once we had established that carbon monoxide was not the factor that led to the death. The way things have worked out is extremely, extremely unfortunate.”

According to WHEC, a welfare check was conducted on the couple after worried family members reported to deputies that they hadn’t heard from Conde in more than a week. This prompted the deputies to carry out the check. During the check, the bodies of the couple were discovered lying next to each other. It was determined that Conde did not suffer from any known medical conditions.