Dave Ziemer Obituary, Death –  Dave Ziemer Obituary, I am deeply saddened and carry a heavy heart as I share the news of the passing of my dear, special, and lifelong friend Dave Ziemer.
Dave was a great visionary on many levels with his brilliance and enduring accomplishments. Dave was an incredibly loving, caring, and committed husband, father, and friend on a variety of levels. I’m ready to give up attempting to catch a big wave when Dave shows up, and this time I have no idea which of his visions will rekindle my enthusiasm and fire. After that, Dave and Jeannie established Z-Land with the specific intention of offering support and safety to all the

A big wave squad in Oregon is aiming to capture a big swell. He also intended to construct a facility that would offer maritime safety and teaching since he wanted everyone to be safe while having fun. The big wave surfing community needed to get together, and that was the only reason Dave started all of this. I was ready for the worst when Jeanie told me he was going to the hospital on Thursday, but I was also hoping and praying for the best. While Dave was in the hospital last weekend, Z-Land hosted the inaugural PNW Ocean Safety Summit. Only Dave and Jeanie’s generosity in enabling us to use the land for this particular occasion and his desire made this feasible.

I will say that Dave was with us in spirit and that Jeanie gave him the summit pictures on Sunday night, just before he passed away. He was pleased to see his vision come true, Jeannie commented. A completely different kind of day with everything you could want from a full-on Dave Z. Classic stoke fest surf session, the opening day swell on the reef reached its peak the day after. The session went well, and the whole day was spent grinning and laughing. Dave was undoubtedly with us during the entire summit and while we were on the water celebrating a great weekend and the start of a reef swell. Jeanie informed me that Dave had passed away the day before when we got out of the water that afternoon at 3 p.m.