Daryl Britt Obituary, Death -Despite the fact that he was rescued from the blaze after it had already started, a man was unfortunately killed in a house fire that took place on Wednesday in Northside. It was approximately 7:31 p.m. when crews were dispatched to the 1900 block of Washburn Street to put out a fire that had broken out there, according to a report that was written by District Fire Chief Gregory Martin.

The report was written about the incident that took place. It was discovered that a man who was confined to a wheelchair had been hiding out in a bedroom that was situated on the building’s ground level. He was rescued and taken to the UC Medical Center, but sadly, he did not make it through his time spent there. He passed away while he was there.

According to the report written by the coroner who carried out the autopsy, the deceased individual’s name was Daryl Britt, and he had lived for 58 years at the time of his passing. Because it was reported that a neighbor saw smoke coming from the front porch of a residence, emergency personnel were sent to the location to investigate the situation.

The majority of the fire was put out within seven minutes of firefighters from the first fire company arriving at the scene of the incident, according to the report, which states that firefighters were able to do so after the arrival of the first fire company at the scene of the incident.

Another member of the household, the family’s much-loved animal companion, passed away as a result of the fire. According to the data that was presented in the report, the home that was the subject of the inquiry did not have any smoke detectors that were in a state where they could detect smoke.

At this time, fire investigators in Cincinnati are conducting an investigation to determine what caused the fire that occurred there. The goal of this investigation is to figure out what started the fire in the first place.