Darren Rodgers Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, the general public was given the opportunity to find out the name of the motorcyclist who was riding alongside the man who passed away on the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway in Irwindale. The man who passed away was a resident of Irwindale. When the man who later died did so, he was being carried on the back of the motorcyclist who was driving.

Before his life came to an end, the man had 57 years under his belt when he passed away. The rider was transporting the passenger who later passed away while they were both riding on the rider’s motorcycle. During the time of the passenger’s passing, the rider was transporting the passenger. Darren Rodgers was found to be the person who had passed away as a direct result of the collision, as determined by the office of the coroner for Los Angeles County. After carrying out the aforementioned investigation, we came to this realization.

At approximately 5:39 in the evening, it was reported that a collision took place on the southbound 605 Freeway at the Lower Azusa Road exit. There was not a single hint anywhere in the entire report as to what time the incident took place; it was completely silent on that point. The information that is presented here was compiled by the California Highway Patrol, and it was included in a report that was disseminated on Sunday. You can access the report through this link.

Rodgers was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by paramedics from Los Angeles County, as stated by Officer Elizabeth Kravig of the California Highway Patrol, who stated that the incident. Rodgers was involved in the accident. This information was provided in the statement that was made following the incident. Officer Kravig is the one who informed me of this, so the credit goes to him for providing me with the information.

The collision led to the temporary closure of three lanes on the 605, in addition to the on-ramp, as stated in the report that was provided by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The report contains this information as part of its entirety.