Danielle Strauss Obituary, Death – Danielle Strauss, who was 38 years old at the time of her death, was found dead in her downtown apartment the previous week. This is the fourth homicide that has been recorded in the city so far in 2018 according to the police. It has been reported to the authorities that Strauss will be missed by both her daughter and her mother.

Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk stated that the police were unable to determine what caused Strauss’ death; however, they were able to determine that she was murdered in her apartment. He also stated that the police were unable to determine who committed the murder. According to him, those responsible for the “despicable” act are aware of what happened on the inside of the building.

Bereziuk mentioned that “we have hours and hours of video” from the location located at 195 Ferguson Avenue North in his statement. The authorities are looking for four teenagers who were seen leaving the apartment building where Strauss may have died around the time that she may have died. These teenagers were seen leaving the building around the same time that the police are looking for them.

Because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Bereziuk is not permitted to disclose a significant amount of information about them, including photographs. This restriction applies to the disclosure of any and all photographic evidence. “We’ll identify them, so I’d rather they come forward,” he said. “We’re going to find them.” “We are going to locate them,” the speaker said.

On November 10, while the building’s superintendent was performing a check for pests in the building, Strauss’s body was discovered by the superintendent. Bereziuk relayed the information that the supervisor had made contact with the authorities. Officers have a strong suspicion that Strauss passed away between November 6 and November 7 of this year.

“We have evidence that the drug subculture was involved, but it’s too early to say that was the motive,” Bereziuk said. “We have evidence that the drug subculture was involved.” “There is evidence that those involved are part of the drug subculture.” On Tuesday, the police provided further information regarding their investigation into the apartment, which had taken several days to complete.

“The members of our forensic team remained on location throughout the entirety of the weekend. Context filled with complexities… There is a great deal for us to look into “saying The authorities are looking for more information.