Danielle Duncan Obituary, Death – Late on Friday night, there was an accident that took place on Interstate 79 not far from the Greenville exit that resulted in the death of an Allegheny College student. Danielle J. Duncan, who is 19 years old and hails from Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, was reportedly enrolled at Allegheny College as a first-year student at the time that a story on her was written and published in the school’s newspaper, The Campus. It was discovered that Danielle J. Duncan had passed away in the venue where the event was taking place.

According to the statements made by the authorities, the incident was alleged to have taken place on Friday evening at 8:04 p.m. on Interstate 79 in New Vernon Township. According to reports, Matteo A. Guajardo, 18, from Pittsburgh was driving a minivan northbound on Interstate 79 when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the railing. Guajardo was apparently driving the minivan when the accident occurred. The state police are the ones that provided this information. As a passenger, Duncan was going along for the ride in the automobile. The minivan went off the east side of the road, climbed up and over an embankment, and rolled over before it finally came to a halt. The minivan came to a stop in the left lane of traffic when it was traveling north on Interstate 79. The wheels of the vehicle were pointed in the opposite direction than they were supposed to.

The officials stated that the minivan’s lights had reportedly stopped working, and the vehicle was blocking the left lane of traffic. At the time of the occurrence, the side of the minivan that was facing the passenger was struck by a car that was driven by Daniel D. Byler, who is 51 years old and hails from Cochranton, Pennsylvania. The minivan and the truck both came to a stop on the road shoulder at the exact same moment.

Guajardo, who may have suffered serious injuries, was transported in an ambulance from the location of the incident to a nearby hospital after being taken there from the location of the incident. Byler was not hurt in any way by whatever happened during this episode. The authorities stated that Guajardo was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, in contrast to Duncan and Byler who were both wearing theirs at the time.