Daniel Katz Obituary, Death – The board of directors of Allegiance Retail Services has appointed Lou Scaduto Jr. as his replacement following the passing of Daniel Katz, the company’s chairman, and CEO. On Wednesday, Allegiance, based in Iselin, New Jersey, announced Katz’s passing at the age of 56. His wife Laura and four children survive him. He passed away at home on November 6 following a fight with cancer. Since November 2019, Katz has served as the chairman and CEO of the grocery retail cooperative, replacing David Maniaci, who left Allegiance to work for Wakefern Food Corp. In addition to being co-president of PSK Operating LLC with his brother Noah, Katz was also the owner and operator of 13 supermarkets in New York under the Foodtown, Freshtown, and Pathmark brand names. He was a lifelong member of the Allegiance and Foodtown organizations.

The cooperative was led by Daniel Katz through significant transformational phases, and he was instrumental in advancing important supplier deals, according to Allegiance. John Derderian, president, and chief operating officer of Allegiance Retail Services, issued a statement saying, “This is a tremendous loss. “The assurance with which our co-op members conduct themselves speaks volumes about Dan’s leadership, intelligence, and knowledge. Dan valued his own family, his PSK family, and the families of our cooperative’s participants. He was always on the lookout for methods to fortify ties and advance the co-interests. op’s In a special board meeting after Katz’s passing, Scaduto, president of Food Circus Supermarkets, was chosen to act as chairman and CEO, according to Allegiance.

Dan’s contribution to Allegiance as a chairman, CEO, and operating member can be summed up in one word: exceptional, according to Scaduto. His dedication to the cooperative and his vision for it were motivating. The Katz family is finalizing the details to establish a foundation in Daniel Katz’s memory, according to Allegiance, and once the foundation is up and running, those willing to make a donation in his honor or memory will be able to find out how to do so on the Allegiance website.

The Foodtown, Freshtown Marketplace, D’Agostino, Gristedes, Pathmark, LaBella Marketplace, Brooklyn Harvest Market, Market Fresh, Big Deal Food Market, Green Way Markets, Food Basics, and Shop ‘n Bag banners are just a few of the more than 130 supermarkets that fall under Allegiance’s retail network’s umbrella in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Private brands owned by the corporation include Rancher’s Legend, Green Way, and Foodtown.