Daniel Bell Obituary, Death – Our emotions, along with the feelings of the extended Christ Church family, were devastated as soon as we found out about Daniel Bell’s passing this morning. We are truly sorry for the loss that has been inflicted upon you. My first encounter with Daniel occurred when he was still in his teenage years. When Daniel’s father took his last breath, Donna and I were there to see it, and we were standing right next to Daniel and the rest of Daniel’s family.

Daniel has stayed in constant contact with me over the course of a fair number of years and has continued to study the Bible with me throughout that time. After that, we collaborated for Christ Church over a period of years, serving in a variety of roles throughout the course of those years. During that time, we were both involved in the organization. He just got off the phone with me to express his gratitude for the many years that we have spent as friends spending time together. Over the phone, he wanted to convey his appreciation for everything. I had no idea that the conversation we had just ended would be the last time the two of us would ever have the opportunity to talk to one another. I was completely unprepared for that reality.

He was tremendously proud of Joshua and Anna Faith, and I am convinced that I speak for the millions of people who are a part of the Christ Church and Grand Ole Opry communities when I send Joshua and Anna Faith our most sincere sympathies. He was a wonderful father and grandfather. He felt an immense sense of pride for them both. In his opinion, both of them had done an excellent job with the project. He acted as both a source of motivation and inspiration. According to what is stated in the Bible, individuals who put their faith in Jesus Christ right up until the moment they take their last breath will be rewarded with a glorious afterlife because their toil will at last be put to an end. This will allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor forever.