Daniel Bel Obituary, Death – It is impossible to express how much a soul like Daniel Bell meant to those left behind when that soul departs from its physical body. And yet, regardless of the depths of loss or the amount of time loved ones need to mourn and recover, the “business” of dying continues. On November 14, 2022, Danny gently died away in the presence of family and friends after a protracted illness that his body was unable to recover from. Friends of Danny have set up this Go Fund Me to help with the costs of his final arrangements due to the sizeable end-of-life expenses incurred as a result of this unfathomable tragedy.

If you feel moved to donate, please know it will be greatly appreciated and serve as a reminder of the love Danny showed for each of us throughout the entire time we knew him. Here are the sentiments of three communities—really, families—that Danny was a part of regarding what Danny meant to so many: DANCERS FROM THE GRAND OLE OPRY SQUARE:
Our souls are torn apart. We had the privilege of spending more than 20 years with a brother who loved us wholeheartedly, supported us in everything, and adored his children, Joshua and Anna Faith. We can only pray that the season we spent with him will forever change us for the better, and we consider ourselves among the world’s luckiest people because we knew Daniel Bell.

We are unable to picture the curtain opening up without him because he was one of the dancing community’s most cherished members. Absolutely, but it won’t ever be the same.
He is twirling alongside the angels. CHRIST CHURCH NASHVILLE: We mourn the passing of our dear friend, Pastor Daniel Bell, with heavy hearts. The Christ Church family will always hold a special place in their hearts for Daniel. Daniel loved and served people well with true intentionality, open vulnerability, and abounding grace during his many years as a staff pastor.
Please join us in praying for the Bell family at this time, and let’s give thanks to the One who gave Daniel to us so that we could have him in this life. We anticipate seeing our brother once more in the life to come with a firm and certain hope. Amen.

Our hearts are broken, says NARROW GATE FOUNDATION. He genuinely loved each and every one of us and left a lasting and profound mark on each of our lives. He gave us the motivation to extend our love and provide joyful, humble service. He showed us how to use the scriptures in our daily lives. He taught us the meaning of Christian friendship and love and always made us feel very special when we were around him. While we lament and grieve today, we anticipate joining one another in Heaven.