Danette Baker Obituary, Death – Danette Baker, a bright spot in our Seven Devils family, passed away this week. Danette was an absolute badass. She was conscientious, humorous, and enthusiastic about her work. She was a fighter both on and off the stage. Danette and her husband Ed have been Seven Devils members since 2005. Danette has worked with Seven Devils as an actor, director, mentor, board member, official combat choreographer, and intimacy coach during this time. But, perhaps most importantly, she has been a friend, a supporter, an inspiration, and a seemingly limitless force of nature—always ready, willing, and glad to raise others up and applaud them.

We’re all in a state of shock. And how can we talk about Danette’s pain without mentioning her best friend, soulmate, and rock, Ed? It’s difficult to picture either without the other. Many thought of them as living, breathing embodiments of love. Love for one another is necessary, but love for all of us is also essential. As a result, we need to take a little pause. We are all individuals. Danette would be enraged if her death prevented us from meeting our fundraising target. Seriously. I’m not joking.

Danette was a Seven Devils fan and a realist, telling us to keep going and kick ass. And I am convinced that we will. In due course. While the campaign is now on hold, your contributions are always appreciated. Those who donate during the break will still get the campaign’s thanks gifts. To make a donation, please go to our support page. This fundraising campaign was founded on the idea that we should all look out for one another, which is especially vital at this time. I’m confident that you will all join me in offering Ed your love and support. Ed and Danette looked after us, fed us, and held us close in various ways. I know that our ultimate want right now is to be reciprocated. Even if it is tough to understand what it entails. We shall weep for the time being because we love. Love is all that is required.