Crecencio Garcia Obituary, Death – A automobile ran over and killed a pedestrian on November 1 close to the intersection of West County and Mahan, and the Hobbs Police Department was able to positively identify the victim on Wednesday. The incident occurred near the intersection of West County and Mahan. According to the reports from the police, a man who was driving in the Hobbs area was struck and killed by a vehicle. Crecencio P. Garcia, 51, of San Antonio was identified by the police as the pedestrian who had been struck by the vehicle. Garcia is a resident of San Antonio. The police say that the victim’s next of kin have been notified.

The Houston Police Department has made it clear that they will not be pressing any criminal charges in connection with this event. The tweet in question is being challenged in court by a student from Texas Tech University who is seeking $40 million in damages on the grounds that it constitutes libelous speech against a Houston attorney. Please view the full press release that can be found below. Following is a statement that the Hobbs Police Department has released as a reaction to recent enquiries from the media: On the evening of November 1st, 2022, at approximately 10:00 p.m., officers from the Hobbs Police Department responded to an area close to the intersection of West County and Mahan in response to a report of a male pedestrian who had been hit by a car. The pedestrian was reported to be in critical condition.

It has been determined that the person in question is Crecencio P. Garcia, and he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Garcia is currently 51 years old. The next of kin of Garcia have been informed of the situation. After consulting with the office of the district attorney, investigators from the Hobbs Police Department have come to the decision that no criminal charges will be filed in connection with this investigation. The Hobbs Police Department would like to take this opportunity to extend their appreciation to all of the agencies that assisted them during this investigation. Complete the release of the product.