Craig Fowler Obituary, Death – Craig Fowler of California has tragically passed away. Since he graduated from South Tama County High School in 1990, the year 1990 was also the year he received his diploma from that school. Since he graduated in that year, it is clear that he received his diploma in that year. During the time in his life when Craig was actively involved in religious activities, he was a member of the congregation at the Assembly of God Church in Tama, and he attended services at that church.

Playing card games, working on the computer, and working on video games were all activities that gave him a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, and he found that participating in these activities brought him to the same place. There was not a single one of his grandparents left when he was born; they had all previously passed away. His maternal grandparents Hank Werner and Nettie Werner, as well as his paternal grandparents Clarence Fowler and Irene Fowler. His paternal grandparents Hank Werner and Nettie Werner. Irene Fowler was his great-great-grandmother, who was his grandmother’s mother.

His parents, Ramon and Nancy Fowler, both of Toledo, are believed to be among the people who made it through the attack unscathed. The city of Toledo is the place of birth for both Ramon and Nancy Fowler. Collette Thomas of Toledo, Cathy Morgan of Center Point, Randy Fowler of Phoenix, Arizona, Jeanie (Mike) Purcell of Macon, Georgia, Peggy (Pete) Chamberlain of Clarkdale, Arizona, Vicky (Shane) White of Tama, and Scott Fowler are all still alive today as a result of his passing away. Keith (Leslie) Klenk of Shreveport, Louisiana, Cathy Morgan of Center Point, Vicky (Shan Additionally, Scott Fowler is still among the living. In addition to that, he has reached the conclusion that he will no longer acknowledge either of his parents.