Court Burkamper Obituary, Death – I am at a loss for words; all I can think about and feel is pure despair, and I have no idea how something like this could have happened. I have no idea how anything like this could have happened. It would be an understatement to say that as a result of this, we are in a situation of absolute catastrophe; nonetheless, that is exactly where we find ourselves. We would like to take this time to express how much we appreciate the love and support that we have received from everyone, and we would also like to apologize if we have not responded to any of your communications regarding Court Burkamper.

Since then, you have been fairly present in my thoughts a lot of the time, and I can’t help but think about you. As you go through this difficult period, may the mighty wing of the Eagle that God gives you carry you and point you in the correct direction. I truly hope that such recollections are able to offer you some measure of consolation. I pray that the Lord will provide each of you not just the gift of serenity in your thoughts, but also in your hearts.

Court was such a wonderful example of the kind of man a guy should strive to be. My husband has been keeping me entertained over the past several days with tales and anecdotes from his life that he has shared with me. Our deepest condolences go out to you on account of the tragedy that has befallen you. We are at a loss for words, but please know that your family and the members of your household are in our prayers. We are so sorry for the trouble that you are going through.