Cory Green Obituary, Death – The death of Cory Green, who was 37 years old, took place at Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg. The news of his passing was delivered to the family with broken hearts. Cooking, camping, and making new friends have always been some of Cory’s favorite activities. When his family went camping, Cory would always be the first one out of the truck, and he would run to the park to play with other children and make new friends. Throughout the entirety of his life, he never missed an opportunity to assist his family, friends, and acquaintances with anything they required. Every text message, phone conversation, and an in-person visit from Cory was concluded with the three simple words “I Love You.”

He is survived by the woman he had spent the past four and a half years with, Nicole Jolicoeur; their children, Knox and Fenix Green, as well as Taylor and Jordyn Jolicoeur; his parents, Debbie and Gord Green; his brother, Ryan Green (Sandra Green); his nieces, Kenzie and Bailey Green; and his grandmother, Hazel Dunlop. His grandfather, Frank Dunlop, passed away in 1985, and he was also predeceased by a large number of aunts, uncles, cousins, and acquaintances.

Cory was also a wonderful parent; he had the patience of an angel and a passion for life, and he made sure that his kids came first in everything he did. They did everything together, which resulted in the formation of wonderful memories. When Cory first encountered Nicole and her two daughters, it was like falling in love all over again. They started their lives together by doing everything together, from preparing meals, cleaning, and doing laundry to organizing activities and spending quality time with their children. There are no adequate words to describe the depth of love that Cory had for Nicole and their four children.

Throughout his life, he worked a variety of professions, including serving as a lifeguard at Miami Beach, preparing food at a concession stand, and then operating and preparing food in a number of restaurants, serving as a volunteer fire fighter, and, lastly, working in road construction. Paving was a means for Cory to complete the family heritage of working in the construction equipment industry. His father sold construction equipment, and his brother is a diesel mechanic. OB1 Contracting Ltd. was his previous place of employment. Cory cherished his time spent working alongside his coworkers and with his manager.