Cornell Neal Obituary, Death – The preceding week was a difficult time for the Bomber family as they struggled through a difficult situation. When he passed away, Cornell Neal had only 27 years of life left to live. In 2013, Cornell completed his high school education at Midwest City High School and graduated with his diploma. As a standout on the football field, he made significant contributions to the victories of two Midwest City football teams, both of which completed the regular season undefeated. (2010 and 2011) On the other hand, basketball was his first and foremost passion in life.

He was one of the top players in the region and went on to have a successful career playing basketball at the collegiate level. He was a member of several teams that were quite successful. The following is a remark that was given by Dewayne Bradley, who is his team’s head coach for basketball: “The University of Cornell competed in a variety of state championship games, including three separate ones. Both playwriting and communication were areas of expertise for him.

As a player, he had an impact on the sport; nevertheless, he had an even greater impact on the players of the future because to the fact that he competed against them and shared his knowledge and experience with them. He had a great deal of affection for his mother and the rest of his family. He had no fear, was confident in himself, and was an effective combatant.”

Throughout the course of the school year, Cornell would make several excursions back to MCHS in order to socialize with the current players. The vast majority of his family, friends, and acquaintances held fond memories of him in their hearts. It is a common expression that “once a Bomber, always a Bomber,” and it is reasonable to believe that Cornell will always be regarded as one of the most accomplished Bombers. On Friday, at eleven in the morning, his funeral will be place at the Ebenezer Baptist church in Oklahoma City.