Corinthian Nordahl Obituary, Death – On Thursday evening, about thirty people gathered on the corner of a Las Vegas intersection to pay their respects to a motorcyclist killed in a collision on Tuesday.Corinthian Nordahl, 29, was killed in a three-vehicle crash at West Russell Road and South Buffalo Drive. He is remembered as a wise businessman and a caring brother and son. Lori Murphy, Nordahl’s mother, stated that her son was exceptionally intelligent, particularly in the field of information technology. He was able to open and repair a computer on his own despite having no formal training in the subject.

On Thursday night, his family and friends gathered in a circle, some holding lit candles, and shared stories about Nordahl for more than an hour. They formed a human chain by holding hands. Some people sobbed on each other’s shoulders, while others laughed at amusing childhood memories.

Carol Allgaier, Nordahl’s aunt, walked around the room, showing people photos she had taken of her nephew on her phone. She used his “million dollar smile” as evidence.
“We just can’t believe it,” she said when asked about her nephew’s death.

Murphy regards Robbie Bear’s mother as one of her best friends. His mother was the one who told him he had been in a motorcycle accident.
“Knowing that I’m out here in the same city where he’s doing the same thing as a hobby, it’s really close to home,” he said during the vigil.

Bear advised motorcycle riders to ride with their heads constantly turning to reduce the risk of an accident. “Car drivers must maintain the same level of awareness as motorcycle riders… There is no one to blame, but there is a solution to this problem that requires both of us to work together “As Bear stated.

Nordahl was the owner and operator of Cool Nerd Squad, a local technology support company. People who worked with Nordahl described him as a brilliant problem solver who could design and repair anything he came across. Nordahl’s mother concurred, calling him “truly brilliant.”