Corey Sparks Obituary, Death – On November 21, while the motorcyclist was driving through Greensboro, a report was made to the police that an Acura had pulled out in front of him. The motorcyclist was injured as a result of the accident. According to the Greensboro Police Department, just prior to the motorcycle and car colliding, the car allegedly made a turn “where it was neither legal nor safe to do so.” This is stated in the report that was issued by the agency. Immediately after that, the motorcycle collided with the rear of the vehicle.

The injured motorcyclist was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained as a result of the collision. The accident had caused him to sustain injuries that were the direct result of the collision. A press release named Corey Andre Sparks, who is 42 years old and lives in Greensboro, as the person who might be responsible for the crime. Corey Andre Sparks was identified as the person who might be responsible for the crime.

After being involved in the collision, the other driver, a resident of Greensboro who was 22 years old, was transported to the hospital for treatment of a minor injury. An investigation has been opened to determine whether or not this driver was involved in the fatal collision that occurred earlier. According to the police, the woman was allegedly charged with “misdemeanor death by vehicle and making an unsafe U-turn.” These are the alleged charges that were brought against the woman.

Both of these are examples of infractions that are considered to be less serious. As a result of the investigation into the cause of the accident, which took place at about 7 o’clock in the evening, excessive speed and impairment have both been ruled out as potential contributors. The incident happened on West Gate City Boulevard, which is located relatively close to West Florida Street. The police were called to the scene after it took place. As of the 22nd of November, the investigation into what caused the crash was still being carried out.