Colleen Murray Obituary, Death – In Bettsville, Colleen F. Murray, 55, lost her fight with rheumatic heart disease on January 1st. Although Colleen was born in Tiffin, she lived in Bettsville for the bulk of her life. She attended Bettsville High School and graduated in the class of 1985. She also completed the Registered Nursing program at Owens Community College after graduating from the Sandusky School of Practical Nursing. She mostly worked for Tiffin Mercy Hospital and had most recently worked in the Emergency Department. She was extremely proud of her vocation.
For someone in need, Colleen would sacrifice anything.

She was dedicated to giving people the chance to participate in outdoor activities and served her community as a member of the Bettsville Park Activities Committee. She also held a cashier position at Oak Harbor’s Turtle Point Marina. Colleen liked spending time at the campground’s lake. With her mother and brother, Colleen participated in the Tiffin Heritage Festival by dressing like a pioneer. Colleen loved visiting to Cedar Point, having a garden, and having cats. She also thought that every chance to try something new and fascinating should be seized. Jody (Gary) Eckler of Castalia, Phillip Eckler of Sandusky, a number of additional cousins, and Colleen’s uncle D. are Colleen’s surviving family members.

Garth Lambright of Wakeman, Paul and Bethany Dymond, their family in Old Fort, and Jacob and Zach, their two furry children. Parents Nevin and Doris (Wilkinson) Murray, brother Todd I. Murray, special aunts Mary Jane Smith and Ruth Lambright, and furchildren Sunshine, Mitzi, and Sam all predeceased Colleen.
Colleen’s funeral will be held at the Engle-Shook Funeral Home & Crematory in Tiffin on January 6, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The funeral home will be open for family and friend visitation on Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. On Thursday, there will be a burial in Fairmont Cemetery following the services. The American Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Association is accepting memorial donations.
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