Clive Booth Obituary, Death РAccording to the reports that were filed by the state police, two people who were driving vehicles that were involved in a collision that took place on Thursday in Orange County and involved a head-on collision have reportedly passed away as a result of the injuries that they sustained. The collision involved a head-on collision. Two automobiles, each heading in the opposite direction, were engaged in the crash.

The images that were just just acquired present a horrifying scene of shattered metal and scattered building debris. This scene may be seen in the photographs. According to the authorities, a collision involving a box truck and a van took place during the morning rush hour on Route 32 near Falls Lane. Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction. Clive Booth, who is 48 years old and belongs from Goshen, was identified as the person operating the box truck as a result of the investigation that was carried out by the state police.

An inquiry led to the determination that Pedro Lorenzo Gutierrez-Lacon, who is 29 years old and hails from Spring Valley, was the driver of the van. Five of the passengers in the van had major injuries as a direct result of the incident, which the authorities say was caused by the van’s collision with another vehicle. All of the passengers in the van were migrant construction workers.

A nearby resident who was close enough to hear the crash and discussed it with News 12, however the individual declined to reveal their identify. The person was a subject of discussion on News 12’s program.
Accidents are something that can take place on a regular basis and can take many forms. When I was pulling into my driveway the year before, I was even hit from behind by another vehicle, a comment was made by a neighborhood homeowner.

“Using this line of reasoning, you are really stretching things to their breaking point, aren’t you? “The authorities have not as of yet determined what caused the collision, and the state police have stated that their officers are still working to determine who among the passengers sustained injuries as a result of the incident. The authorities have also not as of yet determined who among the passengers sustained injuries as a result of the collision.

The authorities have not as of yet identified who of the passengers were hurt as a result of the incident, thus they do not know who among the passengers was injured.
The state police have stated that the collision is still being investigated and have extended an invitation to anyone who may have witnessed what took place to call them at (845) 782-8311.