Chuck Robertson Obituary, Death – Chuck Robertson left this world in order to enter the presence of God, which was his ultimate destination. This was his final destination. His parents, W.H. On July 1, “Bill” Robertson and Winifred (Mallary) Robertson were pleased to welcome their baby into the world. He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the United States, and he was named after his maternal grandmother.

After having a prosperous career in the fields of insurance and financial planning, he made the decision to ease into a transition into semi-retirement by enrolling in a program at a seminary. This allowed him to continue his education while still maintaining his professional responsibilities. In 1995, he was given the ordination necessary to serve in that role as a priest in the Anglican Catholic Church, which is a precondition for doing so. Since the same year that the Church of the Good Shepherd was founded, he has been serving as the institution’s rector continuously. In the same year, 2006, he went through the ordination procedure that was essential for him to be able to assume the role of bishop at that time.

His brother Jim Robertson, his parents Bill and Winifred Robertson, and both of his parents passed dead before he did in their respective lifetimes. He is the only member of his family to still be alive today. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Mary, his daughter Staci Robertson and her fiance Greg Campbell, his daughter Michelle Stellato and her husband Tommy, his brother-in-law Dwayne Thomason and his wife Dawn, and a number of nieces and nephews, including Curtis Robertson and his wife Debbie, Susan Foster, Kenny Robertson and his wife Chery, Raewyn Shell and her husband William, and Kayla Thomason and her husband Michael Baraga.

Since Mike’s attending physician, Dr. Jeanie Klabzuba, was there for him during the entire process, we would want to express our deepest gratitude in her direction. She was very encouraging and supportive, and she prayed for him every day. She also sent him messages that featured the phrase “hugs and prayers,” which she said she would send him.