Christy Cromlish Obituary, Death – Priscilla “Christy” Cromlish, who passed away on November 15, 2022 at the age of sixty, was the devoted wife of Nick Cromlish, whom she wed on November 23, 1979. Priscilla “Christy” Cromlish passed away on November 15, 2022. The 15th of November, 2022 was the day that Priscilla “Christy” Cromlish passed away. Her passing occurred on November 15th, 2022, which was exactly one year from now. The 23rd of November is her birthday because that is the day she was born, which was on November 23, 1979.

Both Lincoln (Laura Davis) Cromlish and Cortney (Jon) consider it a great blessing that Christy is their mother. They acknowledge that they are among the luckiest people in the world. Christy was a wonderful mother to both of her children, and they both consider it a blessing that they were able to have her as a parent at one point in their lives. She was a doting grandmother to her grandchildren Jahvin Davis, Faith, and Lillian Diddle in addition to being a doting grandmother to her only child, Jyles Diddle. Christy was an ardent follower of the Church of Christ in Christian Union and possessed an abundant amount of compassion for the patients she cared for.

Christy worked as a nurse at a hospital. Christy had a career as a nurse. She did a good deal of reading because she enjoyed it very much. Christy Dillon was the daughter of Bill and Sue Dillon, the sister of Chuck and Tony Dillon, and the sister-in-law of Sherry (David) Clagg and Angie Burdette. In addition, Christy Dillon was married to Tony Dillon. Additionally, Christy Dillon and Tony Dillon were married for a time. In addition, Christy Dillon and Tony Dillon shared a marriage for a period of time.

Christy had two more brothers who went by the names Tony and Chuck; their given names were Tony and Chuck, but they were both known by those names. The parents of Christy’s husband, Larry and Margaret Cromlish, as well as Christy’s sister-in-law, Sheila Cromlish, had all passed away prior to Christy’s passing. Her mother-in-law along with her husband’s paternal and maternal grandparents had passed away. The preparations for Christy’s funeral, as well as the actual service itself, were handled by the Willis Funeral Home, which also oversaw the intimate and confidential nature of the occasion.