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I’m not quite sure how to put it into words, but my heart is heavy over the loss of Christopher Hanson. I first met Chris as a high school student. He was a student at NDSU when I was going to the music building for saxophone lessons. He, amongst a few others, were incredibly supportive of me and also spoke of how great NDSU and its music program is. I also remember watching him in several jazz band concerts and combo gigs and immediately being impressed by what a fantastic musician he is, yet so humble.
To say Chris was a namesake in the FM music scene is an understatement. Every other day, it seemed Chris was performing as a singer, bassist, trombonist, director, and everything in-between.

Beyond his own love of performing music, he was always excited to share that love and invite others to perform with him. As an underclassman at NDSU, I was beyond flattered when he asked me to play in the JASS Big Band. From that point on, he asked me on numerous occasions to be a part of gigs, from JASS to subbing for Helena Handbasket.
I know it has been a few years since we spoke or played together. Chris, you were an immense source of humor, love, and music. You are missed by so many. ~ Antoine Poitras