Christine Portlock Obituary, Death – Christine Portlock of Bedford, Massachusetts has passed away unexpectedly. Christine Portlock was born on the 16th of March in the city of Gastonia in the state of North Carolina. You could always count on Christine to go the extra mile for the people in her life, especially the ones who were closest to her, due to the fact that she possessed such a kind and generous spirit. Our entire family learned a lot from Christine, and we are very grateful.

There will always be a part of us that is a part of Christine, and there will always be a part of Christine that is a part of us. Both of these things will always be true. She was the only daughter out of Rosa and John Mobley’s eleven children, and Christine Mobley was the tenth of their eleven children. She was the youngest of the children who died before her siblings Keary, Queen, Albert, Leroy, Herman, Bernice, A.C., Mable Lee, Charlie, and Aunt Yula. She was the last child to pass away before her siblings. Her younger siblings Keary, Queen, Albert, Leroy, Herman, and Bernice all passed away before she did.

Her older siblings were Keary and Queen. In the earlier years of Christine’s life, she was a mother to a son whom she named Cochise Mobley. Sadly, Cochise Mobley did not live long after his birth and passed away. Christine’s marriage to Frank L. Portlock, which took place in 1990, was the source of a great deal of happiness for the rest of her life. In the year 2002, Uncle Frank left this world ahead of everyone else. Over the course of her employment at Keystone Uniform Cap, Christine was responsible for producing headwear for members of the law enforcement community. The life that Christine led was one filled with success and contentment. She is survived by a sizable brood of nieces, nephews, and friends who will miss her dearly after her passing.