Christine Meredith Obituary, Death – At the Waipuna Hospice on April 11th, 2019, Christine Janet MEREDITH sadly lost her battle with cancer and passed away. She was 72 years old when she passed away at that time. During her final moments, those who were closest to her were there with her, assuring her of their love and comforting her by holding her hand. Because she took such good care of Tom, Tom cherished and adored his wife.

Her children and grandchildren showered her with love and adoration, and this includes Hayley and Jonny, Kiri-Maree and Taki, Glenda and Gary, Steve and Liz, and Carla and Vikas. We have Kiri-Maree and Taki, Glenda and Gary, Steve and Liz, Carla and Vikas, Hayley and Jonny, and Steve and Gary. We also have Carla and Vikas.
Her passing occurred in the year 2010.

She hanged herself inadvertently, resulting in her death. Her birth year and the year she passed away were both in 2010. She was a doting grandmother to each and every one of her great-grandchildren, regardless of how many there were. St. Peter’s Church in Tauranga, which can be found at 130 Spring Street, will be the location of Christine’s funeral on April 16, and it will take place on that day. Remembering Christine will be a part of the funeral service that we attend. The celebration of her life will take the form of a memorial service later on today.

In lieu of sending flowers, would you be willing to consider expressing your condolences by making a donation to the Waipuna Hospice instead? It is intended to serve as an alternative to the conventional method of sending flowers. As a direct result of this, the following is a list of the exact locations of the churches: I would be eternally grateful if you could give some thought to my request if you have the time.

Hope Funerals, located at 4 Keenan Road, RD3, Tauranga 3173, is the proper address for any and all correspondence regarding the Meredith family. It is imperative that the enclosed address be utilized in order to ensure that all future correspondence is delivered to the appropriate location. The address for Hope Funerals can be found further down on this page. Please send a letter to the above address if you need to communicate with the Merediths about anything.