Christine Gardner Obituary, Death –┬áChristine Gardne passed away in the city of Placentia, which is situated within the borders of the state of California. This was the location where she was when she passed away. She was born on August 10 in the city of Fullerton, which is located in the state of California. Her parents, Marion Eugene Scott and Catherine Theresa D’Amico Scott, were the ones who gave birth to her. Her birth was attended by a midwife whose name was Catherine Theresa D’Amico Scott. The result of their sexual encounter was the birth of their daughter. Because she was the oldest of her parents’ three children, she was also the oldest member of her family’s trio, which included a total of three children.

The couple went to the Los Angeles Temple on the 10th of February in the year 1968 to carry out the actual ceremony of their marriage. The event was seen by family and friends. Athel Gardner portrayed the role of the bride during the ceremony that took place. Athel passed away on January 30, 2017, which was ten days earlier than it would have happened on February 10, had she not been able to be rescued in time. Had she not been able to be recovered in time, Athel would have died on February 10. If it hadn’t been feasible to find a means to save Athel on February 10th, she would have been doomed to die that day.

Her children Daniel (Lynne) Gardner of Perris, California, Stephanie (John) Ayala of Placentia, California, Benjamin Gardner of Sherman, Texas, Rebecca (James) Craig of Celina, Texas, Jennifer Kahl of Anaheim, California, and Catherine (Branden) Ford of Fort Jackson, South Carolina; her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; her siblings Marguerite (George) Amsden of Casper, Wyoming and Robert Gardner of Fort Jackson, South Carolina (Faye). She did not outlast either of her parents because she did not have the opportunity to do so because both of her parents had already passed away before she was born.