Christen Lovett Obituary, Death – The identification of a child who was found to show signs of physical abuse and later passed away has been established by the relevant authorities. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office investigated the death of Christen Lovett on November 2 and determined that she died from injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. Christen was under the protection of Derrick A. Taylor Jr., who was 29 years old at the time of his passing. Since that time, Taylor has been rumored to be the person responsible for the death of Christen. A little child who was having difficulty breathing was the reason that police and firemen were called to a home located in the 1600 block of South Third Street.

The child was in distress. According to the police report, the toddler was having problems breathing at the time of the incident. Christen was transported to Norton Children’s Hospital by emergency medical services, and it was at this facility that he ultimately passed away. The youngster suffered many injuries that were evidence of abuse, including two fractures to the skull, bleeding on the brain, a fractured finger, and blood in his diaper, which were discovered during an early assessment of the child. All of these bruises pointed to the fact that the youngster had been molested in some way.

In the course of the follow-up examination, it was discovered that in addition to other injuries, the child had suffered contusions on his skull, bruising on his back, and a cut to his liver. Taylor told the investigators that he and the boy were home alone when the boy started showing signs of discomfort. This was while Taylor and the boy were at home alone. Taylor went on to tell the authorities that the youngster had been behaving normally up until the point in time when he started having problems breathing. When Taylor allegedly made his attempt to escape from Metro Corrections, he was reportedly already on his way back to the facility. In addition to that, it is said that he evaded the police and escaped arrest while he was being held.