Chris Moore Obituary, Death – Chris Moore of Waterloo, Ontario has sadly passed away. Chris  is the sole child of his parents, Joann Kathleen (Purdum) Moore and John D. Moore. His mother’s maiden name was Purdum, and his father’s maiden name was Moore. On April 21st, Chris Moore entered this world in Creston, Iowa. Chris is their lone son and the only child they have ever had. Chris received his high school graduation after completing his studies at Creston Public Schools in the year 2006. He received his education from each of the aforementioned universities. Chris was an extremely skilled helicopter pilot who held a variety of various certifications and licenses related to the industry. The 12th of November in 2007 was the day when he was finally able to get his private pilot license.

On December 4, 2008, he was given the authorization to operate instrument planes and received his license. On December 12 of that year (2008), he was granted the authorization to engage in commercial aviation. On July 28, 2009, he attained his goal of becoming a qualified flight teacher by successfully completing all of the prerequisite tasks. Chris was also involved in the tuning and consulting of high-performance automobiles on a global scale. This aspect of his work took place all over the world. This action was carried out in every single country on the planet. One of his many certifications was that he was authorized to adjust a variety of engine management systems. This was only one of his many accomplishments.

His cousins Anne (Tony) Clem and Jason (Stephan) Purdum; his sister Erica Moore of Los Angeles, California; his mother Joann Moore of Creston; his father John D. Moore of Chandler, Arizona; his aunts and uncles Yvonne (Jon) Alsip of Des Moines, Iowa; Ronda Moore of Ames, Iowa; Dennis (Connie) Purdum of Creston; Danny (Cheryl) Purdum of Creston; Chris was the only grandson that they ever had, and his maternal and paternal grandparents, Raymond and Deloris Purdum and DeRonda and Anne Moore, all went away before he did. Chris was their only grandchild.