Chris Harrell Obituary, Death – Chris Harrell passed away unexpectedly from natural causes. Chris’s parents, Christine Harrell and Thomas Harrell, as well as his father and mother in law, John Zayaz and Jodie Zayaz, were waiting for him to return to earth so that they could give him a warm welcome at the gates of heaven. When he did so, he went back to his home on earth. Chris is survived by his devoted wife Julie Anne Harrell, as well as their five children: Isabella Rose Harrell, age nine; Isaac Xavier Harrell, age nine; Jamaliana Christina Harrell, age seven; Kayla Anne Harrell, age six; and Charles Anthoney Harrell, age six.

Chris’s entire life centered on his breathtaking wife and the two adorable children they had together. Chris’s career was also very important to him. This year marks the seventh year of Chris and Julie’s marriage, which they will celebrate together. They always planned on having a sizable family from the beginning of their relationship. Chris and Julie were able to achieve one of their primary objectives, which was to have a loving and sizable family, thanks to the children that they acquired through fostering and adoption.

Chris enjoyed spending time with his children, particularly his daughters, by trying out different hairstyles on them and by engaging in competitive activities with his sons. Chris is also survived by his grandmother Helen Zayaz, his brother Gary Glenn, his sister-in-laws Jessica Zayaz and Jeane Carefelle, his brother-in-law Joseph Zayaz (Katie), and a large number of his nieces and nephews. It is not for us to question God about why Chris was taken from us at such a young age and with such abruptness; that is not for us to decide.