Charlyn Aikman Obituary, Death – On November 9, 2022, Charlyn Marie Bailey Aikman, who was 80 years old and lived in Lewisville, Texas, passed away in a tranquil and serene manner. At the time of her passing, she was surrounded by the loved members of her adored family. Long Beach, California was the place where Mark and Thomasin Bailey announced the arrival of their daughter Charlyn into the world. Charlyn was quiet, but she never met a stranger and could strike up a discussion with anyone on nearly any topic. Despite her reserved nature, she was able to talk about anything. Everyone who has ever had the chance to have a conversation with her has the highest regard for her in their hearts.

She took pleasure in activities such as playing sports, handicrafts, and spending time with her family and friends. Whether it be a blanket, pillow, or tapestry, the one-of-a-kind item that she painstakingly produced by hand and presented to each member of her cherished family will be something that they hold dear for the rest of their lives. In addition to having a lot of shine (which was her favorite color), her home radiated warmth and welcome to all who entered. She always looked forward to the holidays with great enthusiasm and would begin making preparations for them several months in advance to ensure that each one was absolutely remarkable.

Charlyn’s children and husband are without a doubt the most magnificent creations that she has ever produced into this world. Because of the profound effect that she has had on each of us individually, our lives have been abundantly blessed, and we will continue to appreciate the memories that we have of her. She is survived by her children Terri Starns (and her husband Rich), Tammy Powell (and her husband Mike), and Troy Aikman; grandchildren Brooke Green (and her husband Mike), Brady Foreman, Drew Powell (and his wife Carolyn), Reid Powell, and Jordan Aikman; and great-grandchildren Charlyn “Charlie” Green and Bryn Green.

Terri Starns is survived by her children Terri Starns (and her husband Rich), Tammy Powell (and her husband Mike), and In addition to her children, she is survived by her sister Melanie Osendorf and her brother Mark Bailey (Diane), both of whom were very important to her throughout her life. In accordance with Charlyn’s expressed preference, her family has decided to postpone the memorial service that will honor her life.