Chantel Scannell Obituary, Death – Chantel Scannell of England has tragically passed away. A GoFundMe account set up for Chantel reads: Hello, my name is Debbie, but if you ask Chantel, she could tell you that you know me better by the nickname “debster.” It rips a hole in my chest, and I still can’t believe I’m sitting here writing this essay after everything that’s happened. My most treasured and dearest friend was tragically taken from me on November 12, 2022, when she was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in her death. Chantel was a young woman who possessed a high level of intelligence and also possessed genuineness and kindness.

She had a large smile on her face most of the time since she adored life and was always driven to embrace it to the very utmost. a person who was rooted in the here and now and cared about the people around them. chantel leaves behind her 2 gorgeous children Mckenzie & Lacie. Chantel held both of them in the highest regard since, to her, they embodied the entirety of her universe. And because she cherished both of them so much, she constantly spoke about them in a way that conveyed her joy and enthusiasm. Her whole life revolved on providing them with the best possible upbringing that she could, and the fact that both of them turned out to be successful adults is a testament to the fact that she was an excellent mother. She was bursting to the seams with love and admiration for their accomplishments, and both of those things served as the primary impetus for her existence to this day.

She had a deep affection for the students at the school where she worked, and she often spoke warmly about them. She also had a strong commitment to her career, and she was extremely helpful in every facet of her life. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Chantel is currently struggling to fill the enormous void that her passing has created. The reason for this post is the hope that we can all come together and potentially aid with some financial assistance for both of the children who will be struggling with the loss of their devoted mother. Contributions of any size, whether large or small, are likely to be received with utmost gratitude. Click to donate