Cecil Carson Obituary, Death – Everyone at Enniskillen Rangers is experiencing a great sense of sorrow after learning the news of Cecil Carson, MBE’s passing after a long and fruitful life. Cecil had a membership with the Rangers, the one and only club he ever belonged to, and he became a founding member of the club in 1953. Cecil’s association with the Rangers lasted for almost seventy years. He was there at the beginning as a young schoolboy together with his brother Harry, and he won a number of medals in a playing career that spanned the decades of the Fifties, Sixties, and early Seventies.

His brother Harry was also there at the beginning as a young schoolboy. Because he was such an accomplished Secretary and meticulously chronicled the club’s statistics, it will only be necessary for future historians to refer to his notebooks in order to acquire a comprehensive picture of the club in its early years. This is the only thing that will be required of them. During his tenure as President of the Club, which spanned a good number of years, he had a deep interest in the accomplishments of the organization, most notably with regard to the Junior Cup. In more recent years, he enjoyed going to the Ball Range to observe the development that had taken place as the club continued to expand on the foundations that Harry and he had established. He attended a number of the Anniversary Dinners.

Additionally, he attended a number of the Anniversary Dinners. In point of fact, he had not been there since the beginning of September, when he traveled there to attend a reunion of the team who played together during the 1972–1973 season. Our sincerest condolences go out to Eileen, David, Brian, and the rest of the immediate family, as well as to Harry and the rest of the extended family, and to anybody else whose life was enriched as a result of knowing him. The photo collection is evidence of his unwavering loyalty to the Rangers over the course of such a significant number of years and of the services he has made to the club over the entirety of its history.