Cassidy Hopwood Obituary, Death – On Monday, the authorities made public the name of the young woman, who was 17 years old at the time of her death and whose lifeless body was discovered in a strip mall in the city of La Mesa eight months ago. The investigation into her death is ongoing. In the shopping center parking lot, the lifeless body of the young woman was found.

The body of a missing El Cajon resident named Cassidy Hopwood was discovered on March 13 behind a business in the 7900 block of El Cajon Boulevard, according to the police. Hopwood had been reported missing earlier in the week. Since March 6, it had been reported that Cassidy Hopwood was missing. Lieutenant Katy Lynch reported that there was no identification on or near the body of the teenager or any possessions at the scene that could assist the authorities in determining whose remains they were.

Additionally, there were no belongings at the scene that could help the authorities determine whose remains they were. In addition, the authorities found no personal belongings at the scene that could assist them in determining the identity of the person whose remains were found. In addition to this, she stated that there were no items discovered at the scene that could assist in identifying the remains and that there were no items found at the scene. When the body of the teen was discovered, the identification was probably either on or very close to the teen’s body. It’s possible that it was both.

On Friday, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office was able to provide the police with confirmation that the person who had passed away had been accurately identified. The office shared this information with the law enforcement personnel. The authorities have not disclosed any information regarding the tragic chain of events that ultimately led to the death of the girl. This has been done in order to protect the privacy of the victim’s family.