Carroll Hubbard Obituary, Death – PADUCAH, Ky. — Carroll Hubbard, a former representative from Kentucky in the United States House of Representatives who was known for his unassuming acts of charity before his political career was derailed by a banking scandal, has passed away. Hubbard served in the House for a total of nine terms. He was 85. According to the Byrn Funeral Home in Mayfield, Hubbard passed away on Saturday in a nursing facility located in Paducah. After being elected as a Democrat to the Kentucky Senate in 1967 at the age of 30, Hubbard served there until 1974, when he was elected to Congress from Kentucky’s 1st District.

Hubbard was 30 years old at the time of his election. He continued to serve in the House for the next 18 years, but in 1992, in the wake of the House banking crisis, he was unsuccessful in his campaign for a 10th term. After pleading guilty to charges involving conspiracy and obstruction of justice, Hubbard was found guilty and sentenced to prison in 1994. He served more than two years in prison for his crimes. He was initially disbarred as a result of the conviction but was eventually reinstated. However, in 2020 he was disbarred once more after lying under oath and practicing law without a license while his suspension was still in effect.

Starting in 2006, Hubbard made three different bids to win the state Senate seat that was the starting point of his political career, but he was unsuccessful each time. According to Mayfield attorney Dennis Null, who spoke with the Courier Journal, Hubbard sent greeting cards to voters to celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. “There are all sorts of stories about him performing acts of kindness for individuals,” said Null, who formerly practiced with Hubbard and later represented him in court. “There are all sorts of stories about him doing acts of kindness for people.”

He was even instrumental in getting Null’s father admitted to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. According to Null, Hubbard’s actions allowed his father to live longer as a result. Null, on the other hand, claimed that Hubbard had terrible judgment and that he surrounded himself with “yes men.” The funeral for Hubbard will take place on Saturday at the funeral home at eleven in the morning.