Carolyn Hill Obituary, Death – On November 2, 2022, Carolyn Hill, a beloved mother, sister, and aunt, passed away after a protracted battle with illness. 88. Her husband, two brothers, both of her parents, and a large number of her close friends all passed away.Carolyn began her professional life in the manufacturing industry in Newark. She worked hard and was a reliable employee. She had a good understanding of the company’s production procedures.

After the company she worked for went out of business, she discovered that her family, her church, and the volunteer work she did brought her joy. Because it was so tasty, her potato salad became the star of the show whenever the church held fundraising banquets. The potato salad ran out early, which led to a decrease in the number of dinners sold.

Midlife Carolyn developed a deep affection towards animals. She had a deep love for parakeets. She owned several sets of parakeets, and whenever one of them passed away, she immediately got another one in its place so the surviving bird wouldn’t be alone. Her pens were decorated to look like birdhouses. Even though she had a fear of dogs due to an incident that occurred several years earlier in which she was attacked by a dog, she continued to feed the dog after one of her neighbors moved away and left their dog behind.

As a result, the dog became her dog. She took in a number of strays from the surrounding area and cared for them. Certain individuals were regarded in the same manner by her. She assisted other people without regard for herself.Carolyn was a kind and warm-hearted person. Her house exuded warmth and hospitality at all times. Are you going to eat? She did not care what you said and still fed you.

Fried chicken or fish was a staple in her diet at all times. After everyone had finished their meal, the games and mingling began. After you’ve finished eating, she’d say, we can talk about it. In Carolyn’s later years, her travels to Atlantic City with her daughter became some of her most treasured memories. There, she was like a different universe. She did not experience any illness or suffering at that time. She genuinely enjoyed herself.


Newark was a wonderful place to live for Carolyn. It was the place of her dream. She moved to a few different neighborhoods in Newark, but she always ended up in the Central ward. She was familiar with the surrounding area, so staying in this location was convenient for her. She was encircled by people she knew, including friends, relatives, neighbors, and people attending church.

Carolyn is survived by her daughter, Patricia; two sisters, Bonnie and Jane, as well as Jane’s husband, David; one brother, Henry and Brenda, as well as their son Henry (Trae) III; and an innumerable number of cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbors, and special friends. carolyn Hill is remembered through the use of this digital memorial. Use the Tribute Wall to post your thoughts, memories, and condolences.