Carolyn Grace Obituary, Death – A vehicle accident in Australia claimed the life of the first female Spitfire pilot to ever fly for the United Kingdom, 34 years after the same thing happened to her husband. Carolyn Grace, who is 70 years old and lives in Australia, was driving her Suziki car on Friday when she was involved in a collision with a silver Hilux. The accident took place in the city of Goulbourn, which is located southwest of Sydney. Carolyn, who was originally from Australia, was injured in a car accident in Sussex, United Kingdom, in 1988, the same year that her husband, Nick, was murdered in a car accident there. Despite being flown to the hospital,

Carolyn ultimately succumbed to her injuries and died. On Friday, Carolyn Grace, 70, was driving her Suziki automobile when she was involved in a collision with a silver Hilux in the city of Goulbourn, which is located southwest of Sydney. Richard, her son, who was a passenger in the car and was 38 years old, was able to survive the accident and was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Daisy Grace, who is Carolyn’s daughter, referred to the unanticipated passing of her mother as a “traumatic event” for the family. Mrs. Grace and her late husband, Nick, were among the first people to pioneer the restoration of Second World War Spitfires in the 1980s at their home in Cornwall. After Nick passed away in 1988, the mother of two children learnt to fly the plane that had been refurbished in order to honor her late husband.

Around the course of the subsequent three decades, the aviation pioneer logged more than 900 hours in the aircraft, using it to participate in memorial events and air displays all over Europe. Although more than 20,000 Spitfires were manufactured just before, during, and after the Second World War, the Spitfire ML407, sometimes referred to as the “Grace Spitfire,” is one of only a handful that have been preserved to this day.

And the fact that it was the first Allied plane to shoot down an enemy aircraft above the Normandy beaches on D-Day just adds to the significance of the accomplishment. Richard and Daisy, Carolyn’s children, assisted their mother in running their family business, Air Leasing Limited, which specializes in the restoration of Spitfire aircraft in Northamptonshire.

Daisy made the following statement after the terrible collision that occurred in New South Wales: “It is with great sadness that we must announce that Carolyn Grace has died in a car accident on Friday.” All of us have suffered a devastating and unanticipated loss as a result of this. The passing of Carolyn has resulted in numerous aviation fans and institutions paying respect to her, referring to her as a “inspirational woman” and a “legend of the skies.” [S]he was known for her pioneering work in aviation.