Carlos Thomas Obituary, Death – The sheriff of Natchitoches Parish, Stuart Wright, made the announcement on Monday that an investigation into the unanticipated death of an inmate at the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center is being conducted by both the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office. The sheriff of Natchitoches Parish is responsible for overseeing the detention center. The detention center in Natchitoches Parish is where the inmate who later died was found to have died.

Carlos Thomas, who is 45 years old, went to the guards at the detention center on Thursday to inform them about the severe back pain he was currently experiencing. As a direct consequence of this, he required medical attention and was consequently taken by ambulance from the facility to the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.

He ceased to respond while the ambulance was transporting him, and despite everyone’s best efforts at the hospital, he did not survive. Despite everyone’s best efforts, he did not survive. In spite of the best efforts of everyone involved, he did not make it. In spite of the fact that everyone involved did everything in their power to help him, he was not successful.

Someone going by the name of Devin White from Springhill identified Thomas as his biological father in a post that was made on social media. The post was made by this person. White is a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the moment, but in the past he was a player for the LSU Tigers football team. Currently, White plays for the Buccaneers.
Thomas had been detained in the Natchitoches area ever since the 14th of October, when the incident occurred.

Marshals of the United States brought him there so that he could await trial on pending federal charges. The charges were brought against him by the federal government. The allegations leveled against him were brought forward by the federal government. The allegations that have been made against him were initially presented by the federal government.

An autopsy was carried out in the hopes that it would shed light on the circumstances surrounding his passing; however, the manner in which he passed away has not yet been determined despite the fact that the autopsy was carried out.