Carlos boyce Obituary, Death – The death of their son Cameron Boyce was discussed by his parents last summer.Boyce passed away on July 6 as a result of having an epilepsy-related seizure while sleeping. On the show “The Doctors,” Victor and Libby Boyce discussed the incident in detail in an effort to educate viewers about SUDEP, which stands for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

“The morning arrives, and Cameron’s roommate gives a call. He continued, “It seemed as though I was floating in a cloud as everything turned white.” Parking lot madness! Daughter, let me tell you. Both of us are wailing now.”
Cameron quickly rose to fame as a result of her roles in the television shows “Jessie” and “Descendants.” Cameron was born and raised in Los Angeles.

His parents have fond memories of his boundless energy. According to the statement made by his father, “The party didn’t start until he arrived.” An actor who was 16 and a half years old experienced his first seizure. “It was his dream. Two friends who were spending the night together saw it and said, “Libby,”

In a hurry to see his son, Victor raced all the way to North Hollywood. “I had my doubts about it. Not possible. The worst nightmare, “Sharing.Cameron was eventually given a diagnosis of epilepsy after he experienced yet another seizure. He was only marginally slowed down by the condition.

“He’s only had five seizures,” Libby stated.The seizures that Cameron experienced were relatively infrequent, so his parents didn’t think they would be “debilitating.”
According to Victor, “He consistently had them in his sleep and bit his tongue, causing him to wake up with a headache.”

The anguish that the couple has been going through ever since their son passed away has been excruciating.”Tunnel vision. Everlasting tunnel. I’ll never emerge. You can never get back to normal after suffering a loss like this “Libby, which is shared. “I shouldn’t outlive my son,” Victor said to himself.