Carl Miller Obituary, Death – I regret to inform you that Lieutenant Colonel Carl James Miller went suddenly as a result of wholly unforeseen circumstances. Carl is supposed to have just completed his BFA on November 15, 2022, when he passed away at the 9 Bde HQ from what is thought to have been a heart attack. He is thought to have died at 9 Bde HQ. The widespread consensus is that this is what happened, despite the fact that the specifics of the events are obscure. Carl was already 47 years old at that point. In 2017, Carl served as the Officer Commanding of the Third Field Squadron. Carl was a veteran of the Afghanistan War. In addition to this position, he also held a variety of other positions within the ARA and the GRES.

He was regarded in the highest respect due to his sincerity as a person and the integrity with which he performed his duties as an officer. He was a guy of great honor. His wife Michele and their daughters Jasmine and Bryce are in our thoughts and prayers along with our profound sympathies. We deeply regret your loss. The family has stated that they would like a military funeral, and I will give you all of the arrangements as soon as I obtain more information. Book of Sympathy For anyone who would like to send their condolences and other words of support in reaction to the tragic loss of a loved one, the members of HQ 9 Bde have put together a condolence book.

The book is housed in the hallway leading up to the Coord Sergeants’ office on the ground floor of building 32 at Keswick Barracks. The right time will come for Michelle and the rest of her family to receive the book. Alternatively, you can send any condolences, tales, or memories to the Regimental Sergeant Major of the 9th Brigade at the following address: WO1 Emails addressed to should be sent by Stephen Taylor.