Cameron Pooler Obituary, Death – Cameron Pooler of Raleigh NC  has unexpectedly passed away. To all of my fellow workers in the hospitality and tourism industries: The news that we have lost a great one today has hit me as well as many other people who are very close to me very hard. The majority of people in our industry are extremely helpful to others, both in terms of their time and their energy, but when it comes to requesting aid for ourselves, we are at a loss for words. As a means of forging strong bonds with one another as a result of the struggles that we have in common, we discuss our traumatic experiences of interacting with clients in order to bring each other comfort. Following the conclusion of our shifts, we get together for a few beers and catch up on each other’s lives while it is still late in the evening.

We are more than simply coworkers; we are family, and by bringing together the many different families that we have formed through our job, we have established a community. Cameron was an integral part of the fabric of our town and played an important part in its history. Because he spoke kindly to everyone and maintained a cheerful demeanor at all times, he attracted a large number of admirers. Depression and addiction are two disorders that frequently occur together, and together they are responsible for the deaths of far too many people in our near neighborhood. A disproportionate amount of us have become mired in the repetitive nature of the industry lifestyle that we lead. This has resulted in us becoming imprisoned.

We proceed to engage in the same cyclical behavior over and over again. It is so easy to get caught up in the web of things and to descend to ever-lower levels. Because you are now a part of this company, you are going to go through a lot of hardships. Everyone has a warm spot for it because it is such a sweet and charming devil. Regardless matter how good, bad, or nasty it may be, it has still been the focus of my life’s work, and it is something that will always be in my blood. We operate as a single unit, and we are all in this challenge together.

My real hope is that in the future, we will be better able to help one another and act as a unifying force for one another. Know that there is a whole community here waiting to help pull you up if you are hurting and in need of support, and if there is anyone else out there who is suffering and in need of assistance, know that there is. Cameron, you have our love and respect, and you will be sorely missed by each and every one of us. We all think the world of you and miss you so much; if only you were still here, we could tell you how great you are and express how much we miss you.